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Meeting with young & talented Cuban artist/performer Luis

Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara

So once you are in Havana, done the typical tourist routes, what is next?
For me it was clear. I needed to see how is art life looking like in Cuba. While booking the guide (I used - highly recommended!) I found a tour that showcases artistic life in Havana. Except standard routs, I asked to visit a true working space of an artist.

Welcome smile from Luis

Our guide took us to a completely desolated part of the city. It might even be, that driver was driving around for a bit, for us not to remember the exact route we took, but that is maybe only my imagination. We arrived and were greeted with this friendly smile from our host.
LUIS MANUEL OTERO ALCANTARA greeted us to his workshop. Two huge rooms with a centrally placed table was the next thing we saw. So, here we were ready to hear his story.

Luis at work

He uses simplest possible materials to create his art. Wood, cloth, glue and scissors. That's it! His work has political background and meaning. He refers to the symbols of America and western world. One of his most controversial works is Status of Liberty, which was placed by him during the night on the central artery of Havana, where thousands of people are passing by daily along the coast. No doubt, it got a lot of attention, as it was symbol of freedom in the center of Havana!


Luis is a passionate artist, he willingly explains why he does what he does and where is he taking inspiration from. He is a fantastic guy, approachable and funny :) He's simply cool!


I would also like to thank our great guide for the day, Reynier, who took us to Luis's place and allowed us to see his work and understand his philosophy.
Thanks Reynier, you rock!

Our guide, Reynier
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