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London and than mountains again :)

Woke up today at 4:30, packing last items that I might be needing to record my next journeys through Europe. Notebook, Wacom tablet, slider, glasses, cables, batteries etc...
Funny, you would think that you are travelling light, but there is so much stuff I am carrying with me every single time. Well, that is another story to talk about gear, going light, going mobile with images and video etc... sbout that later, some time, in the future.

We were suppose to fly out at 7:30am, but it is now 9am and we are still sitting in a bar and staring at the departure screens hoping for a change from 'delayed' into boarding. Currently take-off time is 10:15, lets see what happens in the next 15min.

So, having some time to think about next travels in the next month and wanted to share with you guys.
1. London - weekend with my wife. Away from kids ;) Hoping for some quality time to see West End show, visit Windsor castle, go and see new Jason Bourne movie. Sounds like fun!
2. Austrian Alps - From London to Munich and from there towards Dachstein Region in Austria and hoping for some stunners on the hikes, with mighty Dachsteiner glacier, lakes and whatever cool stuff awaits on the road.
On the way, I'll stop in Garmisch Partenkirchen to meet my good buddy Tobi, aka 'Master Windu' who is a great explorer and ski tourer. Really great guy!

3. Tatry & Zakopane again - mid August, back again in the Tatras, together with Mike and Ania. A great couple of explorers, whom are my long time companions in photographic journey! Last year, we did first 'inner peace' trip to Isle of Skye in Scotland. It was life changing experience! That is why we do it again this year and I am very much looking forward to it!

Departure monitors still display 'delayed' and we are going to order another tea or water, call mum to give a status update and try to have fun...
Stay tuned and keep exploring!

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