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Summer is finally here!

And so are adventures! Read on to learn more...

For the ones who are parents, end of the school year marks the beginning of summer and hopefully time for some adventure. For us, it is usually long flight back to Poland and executing planned travels towards our beloved mountains and lakes.
This year agenda is packed with travel and it looks very exciting.
We are now in Warsaw, Poland. Our home town, getting rid of jet-lag and getting as much sleep and rest as possible. Finally weather is normal! No more heat and humid, bur rather mild and dry with some occasional thunderstorms. It is exactly what we are looking for.
It is deep into the night right now, but I am still in the CET time zone, feeling like it is middle of the day. Yeah, tomorrow morning will be tough, but it is better than yesterday or the day before.

So, what is in store for the summer? Here we go:

  • We start off with some kayaking and camping along one of the most scenic and beautiful rivers in Poland - Czarna Hańcza. Check it out, it is beautiful, still and unspoiled areas of our country, with crystal clear waters and beautiful nature around. It can get cold at night, as it is called 'Polish North Pole' and we need to get well prepared. Warm clothes for junior explorers and for us, youg at heart :)
  • Next, we fly to Scotland. Yes, I'm back again, after 3 years, where together with Mike (great photographer), we did a great tour on Isle of Skye. 
    This time, we plan to roam the Highlands. Together with junior explorers (our kids), we hit the road to see the most iconic places in the Scottish Highlands. No stress, no rush, just road-tripping and lets see what we'll stumble upon.
  • After the warm-up, here comes the trip of the summer - The Yodel Tour 2017! 
    together with my buddy, Florida based photographer, traveler and friend Cliff Roles, we hit the road again, enjoying Poland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany... 
    With no special plans or hotels booked in advance, we take on the journey of photography and enjoyment of being in the mountains and on the road. 
    Lets see what adventure will bring!
  • For the very end of summer, together with my older son, we are going for father-son adventure trip to the south of Poland. We plan to explore some hills and valleys, enjoy sunrises and sunsets and passing on the love of nature and photography to young generation... 

Big plans, indeed! And we are super excited for adventures to start!

I believe you are also planning your adventures and can not wait to spend them together with your family and friends! Enjoy every moment, no matter how big or small is your adventure!
Stay tuned for updates and hope to see you on the road!


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