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    From the road trip across Utah and Nevada with my mentor Don Giannatti, where SMARTOGRAPHYONLY was born and the journey continues until now :)

    Montenegro is one of the most beautiful places I have seen to date. It's hidden in the southeast part of Balkans and it is still undiscovered and not rum over mass tourism. Especially the northern part of the country, where Durmitor National Park is located.  

    Some impressions from our latest trip to Carinthia in Austria. The small little village at the Turracher Hoche pass and wonderful ski conditions all week long made it special. Happy days!
    All shot on iPhone 7+ & GoPro Hero 5 Session; Edit by Spivo Video Editing Service


    Turracher Höhe Pass, Austria

    We just returned from Carinthia in Austria, where we spent a fantastic week skiing in a small mountain pass Turracher Hohe. For the past few seasons we are exploring Carinthia in the winter and I have to say that it is truly beautiful and not so crowded in comparison to Salzburger land of Tyrol. Yes, some of you will say, but the mountains there are not that high. True, but they are high enough to provide snow guarantee and fantastic ski conditions with lesser crowds.
    If you are looking for a new reion to explore, Carinthia is definitely a good choice.

    All images are shot with iPhone 7+ with Moment lenses or Zeiss Exolenses.
    Edited in Lightroom CC mobile.

    Durmitor NP - my place on Earth

    I believe that everyone has its own place on Earth.

    Recently we visited Montenegro's Durmitor National Park. And speaking about special places that somehow make us feel good - this was one of them for me.
    If your thing is to get lost in nature, with no crowds around, I highly recommend this place.
    Majestic mountains, with kind and welcoming people, great food and good weather makes it really special place.
    More on our 2 trips to Montenegro soon. For now, enjoy the scenery! :)

    All images are shot with iPhone 7+ with Moment lenses or Zeiss Exolenses.
    Edited in Lightroom CC mobile.


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    ‘Nature does not need us, and it is we who need nature to exist. We come and go, and nature continues.’

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