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    From the road trip across Utah and Nevada with my mentor Don Giannatti, where SMARTOGRAPHYONLY was born and the journey continues until now :)


    Nikko National Park, Japan

    This was probably one of the best days of our trip to Japan. One hour north of Tokyo, your stop is a city of Utsunomiya. From there, together with our guide, we headed over to Nikko NP. Japan is generally very humid during summer months and extremely hot. This is definitely not my favorite weather. Nikko NP, however, is located in the mountains 1500m above sea level.
    As soon as we started climbing towards the park, I could feel that air becomes drier and a bit cooler. A gentle smile showed up on my face - yes, finally breathable air :)
    The day before our trip, I've done some research about the park and had some landmarks in mind that I wanted to see. One of them was majestic Mt. Nantai - a volcano by the Lake Chuzenji.
    I was hoping to get a shot of the mountain with a lake in front. As soon as we approached the lake, I was desperately running and trying to find a spot for a decent picture. The giant was not in the mood on that day to show itself in full beauty. Hidden in the clouds most of the time, only allowed me to capture part of it, so that we knew where it was.

    We had to run, as our guide was very punctual and with the number of attractions to see that day, there was no chance to get anything better than this.
    Enjoy and welcome to Nikko National park. I will post some of the images that I captured during this beautiful day.

    All images are shot with iPhone 7+ with Moment lenses or Zeiss Exolenses.
    They are edited in Lightroom CC mobile.


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