• Flying over Swiss Alps

    Just before leaving for family vacation in Tunisia, I went for a quick trip to Switzerland. Luckily, weather was fantastic and I could one of my dreams come true - a helicopter flight over the glaciers in the Alps. In-flight image here is taken with iPhone 7+ in Beastgrip-pro with wide Moment lens.

    Glacier Landing

    I booked my flight through the site: www.helicopterflight.ch
    I specifically looked for a route, where I could see glaciers, and in this case Aletsch Glacier - the longest one in Europe. Landing on top of it was only a wish, that I placed in the comments section. In the reply I got, company stated that only pilot can make this decision on the day of the flight. Why? well, safety first - weather, snow cover status etc...
    So I had my fingers crossed while driving to Lauterbrunnen, when confirmation came on the day before, that we are a 'GO' for a flight. So, to make a long story short, as you can see on the image - we made a glacier landing! How cool was that! I was absolutely amazed! Happy days!


    Mt. Hoven 1011m

    Incredible hiking trails above the fjords at the top of Norway. Using hi-tech gondola lift to go up to the hiking areas. Beautifully prepared trails from entry to expert levels, with extreme via-ferrata and suspension bridge above the fjords.
    True paradise for everyone who loves mountains.

    All images are shot with iPhone 7+ in Beastgrip-pro and Moment lenses.
    Edited in Lightroom CC mobile.

    Bodalsbreen Glacier trail

    On our last day in Norway, we hiked around glacial lake Lovetnet. It is incredible to realize, that while you hike in the valley, you are surrounded by waterfalls coming out of the gigantic ice cap on top of the mountains. The only thing you are able to see are the edges of beautiful blue ice.

    All images are shot with iPhone 7+ in Beastgrippro and Moment lenses.
    Edited in Lightroom CC mobile.


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